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23 Commentsto Life in Poetry

  1. Darlene says:


    There is a pressing, there is a tugging.
    My heart and my soul longing and desiring,
    My flesh wanting yet not moving.

    There is a pressing, there’s a tugging.
    My Spirit crying out ‘let Me loose, you’re invading My space, you’re limiting My power, let Me loose’ .

    And so, as a little child afraid to take that leap into a pool of water, I hesitate…
    Standing at the edge of the unknown.
    Destiny… Distinction… Purpose… Influence… Greatness… Anointing… Revelation…
    Could it be? Could it be mine?

    There is a pressing, there is a tugging…
    My spirit crying out holiness, crying out for righteousness-
    There’s a pressing.
    Battles of the mind long fought are breaking, strongholds coming down, the walls are tumbling-
    There’s a tugging, deep calling unto deep, my soul crying out for purity.

    And so I stand,
    On the edge- needing to make a decision: at a cross road.

    There is a pressing, there is a tugging.
    I am broken before the Lord, my spirit crying out, ‘let me loose’.
    Fear and doubt, worry and anxiety all trying to choke the life out of me,
    Yet I hear it again. The sweet, still voice…’let me loose’…

    And so- broken before the Lord, I take a deep breath, I close my eyes and I sing.
    At first a little whisper, I sing-
    Living waters flowing through me, I sing-
    And then without a warning, without a second thought-
    I burst out in song, I shout for joy and I jump.

    No More Barrenness.
    I will stretch the place of my tent. I will make room, I will not hold back.
    There’s a pressing, there’s a tugging…the Lord pouring His love over me.
    And He whispers, ‘though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, I will love you. I will give you My peace, I will have compassion on you, I will love you’,

    And He wraps His arms around me, and I sing-
    I will no longer be ashamed, I will no longer walk in fear, I sing-
    There’s a pressing, there’s a tugging-
    Today I have birthed a new song.
    -Darlene Collazo

  2. Pastor Reina says:

    Beautiful Poem, its really about surrendering! What God can do when we surrender to that inside of us that ha been influenced by God!

  3. Damaris says:


    Is it possible to find such a place?
    How many miles away?
    Are there restrictions to face?
    Can somebody point out the way?

    ‘Heaven on earth’, you say?

    Have you ever thought of that?
    Wouldn’t it be incredible or what?

    There are many who claim it was found,
    Now they are free while before they were bound.

    ‘Heaven on earth’, you say?
    ‘Heaven on earth’ …today?

    Isn’t it only a prayer away?
    And with Him we can be face to face?

    It’s heaven on earth when we pray,
    Yes, heaven on earth…right away.

  4. Damaris says:

    Very recently, there was a new mom anxious to introduce her newborn to her loved ones. She has endured the experience of labor which only she can describe. The baby is God’s gift made in the image chosen by her Maker. Regardless of everyone’s expectations, the creature possesses the looks she was meant to have, no more, no less. Mom thinks she is the most precious thing she has ever produced.
    Here comes an onlooker to meet the newest family member. These are the uttered words: “She has curls…I don’t understand your baby…she does not have the looks that I expected…I’m sorry, I don’t care about your offspring. You should have delivered someone else, some other baby. I am truly sorry, though…”
    What would this mom say or do about this most unexpected reaction?
    She is momentarily shocked and saddened by such inconsiderate comment. Nevertheless, she walks away with her head up high convinced that the comment was pure ignorance and that her beautiful newborn is just perfect (despite other people’s opinion). God doesn’t make mistakes.

  5. admin says:

    Wow, Damaris- You’ve hit Life In Poetry just on the spot. Whether in poem, in song, or in story- it is a place to work out the feelings that we struggle with daily. Your story is a great reminder that what God gives and how He gives it is in fact Perfect! Amen, my baby is perfect, =0).

  6. Jay says:

    In just five minutes all of it can change,
    Five minutes late could shift the depths of your range.
    “Five more minutes” are the words for today.
    Five more minutes could change a morning to gray.
    “I’ll do it later”, never gets done.
    “We’ll spend time later”, is the look of our sons.
    The delay that we offer transmits a pending for time.
    It could subside and transform his course from our mime.
    “Please, not now!” are the last words we remember.
    If we said it different we would rejoice with this ember.
    The fire before us that we shared with a smile
    We replaced for five minutes that stretched longer than a while.
    Now tragedy surrounds us, what lesson did we learn?
    We continue to give tomorrow a turn.
    Instead of today, right now, we’ll put to practice our faith
    We decide to leave it for mañana, “No, We’ll do it the eighth.”
    Many plans and purposes to-do-with together,
    The path of our faith that was to draw us closer forever,
    Experienced a vivid, slow fade that left closed for always a door.
    “Imagine now, what can change if we hold off for even a second MORE?”

    “Good people last—they can’t be moved; the wicked are HERE TODAY, GONE TOMORROW.” (Proverbs 10:30)

    - NEVER take for granted the gift of today, tomorrow is promised to no one.

  7. admin says:

    {TO JAY and all]

    It is amazing how five minutes can surely change everything. Five minutes can turn your world upside down (or right side up, I suppose). Thank you for sharing with us Jay. Thanks for reminding us of the importance of the here-and-now. We are encouraged to pay attention to our ‘now’.

  8. Damaris says:

    Wow, that is sooo true! God is up to something…Send your beloved a Valentine’s Day card and write: “Who says it has to be Valentine’s for a card? “.
    Isn’t it nice to receive a little something today “Just because”? Why do we have to wait for New Years to resolve that which is an issue today?
    Thank you Jay!

  9. Damaris says:

    “Father in Heaven…
    …This is not an easy thing to accomplish! To “submit”?
    When I really don’t want to!? When it is absolutely against my desire!? When it is literally an obligation !?
    How do I do this, Lord? It is sooo hard. I don’t even know how to.
    Oh, I do want to submit to my God but, do I want to submit to men? NNNOOOooo…”
    “Jesus submitted to the will of the Father by submitting to the will of men who even mistreated Him and caused His death.”
    Thank You Father God for Jesus’ example to us. His display of humbleness serves as a model to me.
    Now I know how it’s done; by learning how You did it, Jesus.
    Thank you, my Master.

  10. admin says:

    IN YOUR GARDEN: A Poem by Jason Collazo

    Thank you for the beauty of nature,
    The sound of a beautiful bird song,
    The warm sun rays that beam through branches and leaves-
    Oh, how I feel the warmth of your love!
    The calm flight, wings of a bird gently lands itself-
    It is You, God, who guides me under the shadow of your wings.
    The sweet fragrance of roses that blows through Your garden-
    A reminder of the sweetness of Your love,
    while everything else is loud.
    As long as I stay in Your garden, I am safe.

  11. Jay says:

    I have an appreciation toward nature and am reminded every time I look at the sky, smell the fragrances in the air that was blown by the breeze, the singing and chirping of birds, the joy and peace that is felt by the passing of waters, that God is real and He created this place for us and created us for Him. Beautiful poem Jason. I am right here with you! We are safe in His garden.

  12. Theresa says:

    Just Thinking.
    As I was reading thru the poetry of different people I truly was so blessed and touched by the Spirit of God. What a wonder when we just elevae our minds and think about His Splendor, and we
    think one day very soon He is coming for me. That Glorious day when the Heavens will Open the Trumpet will sound 1st Tess.4 -16 -18 We will be transformed into a heavenly body those who
    have died will come up from the graves to meet the King of Kings in the air. When we think about these things we could only exclaim Come Lord Jesus Come!

    • admin says:

      Tessy, I am so glad you stopped by today. You hit it right on the nail. It IS a WONDER when we elevate our minds and think of His splendor, of all that He is. Doing so will help us to endure and go through any situation victoriously! Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Theresa says:

    My dearest darlene.
    As I was reading your story I rejoiced in what god is doing in your life, I remember that day when you visited 3rd day worship center I said to myself what a preety girl, but deeep inside
    I saw your hurt. As the years have passsed I see everyday how you have flourished in the Lord And I could only exclaim how Great is our God. My desire is, that every young lady or young
    man regardless of age will understand that God came to give us life and that more abundantly. So it doesn’t matter where you are in life remember God came to set the cative free. So go
    to darlene blog, “Do you know Jesus”? and accept Him as your personal Saviour believe me your life will never be the same.

    Darlene may God continue to Bless you and keep you and yours in the Hollow of His Hands !

  14. Damaris says:

    Jason what a beautiful poem ! You know when God created the first man and woman, he placed them in his (also created) garden to dwell.
    I think that is where God intended us to live from the beginning: in His garden. Just imagine…

  15. admin says:

    YOU HAVE CHOSEN ME (A Song by Darlene Collazo)
    You have chosen me,
    To belong to You Oh Lord,
    You have loved me dearly-
    said you’d never leave me.

    You have chosen me,
    To belong to You Oh Lord,
    You have loved me dearly-
    said you’d never leave me.

    I come to You Oh Lord,
    open my heart, open my soul.
    So many questions held inside,
    and I don’t know where to go.

    So here I am Oh Lord,
    Open my heart, open my soul.
    Let me know that you care-
    I need to know you’re there

    You have chosen me,
    To belong to You Oh Lord,
    You have loved me dearly-
    said you’d never leave me.
    You have chosen me!

  16. admin says:

    It you would like to subscribe, simply send an email to

  17. Jay says:


    I found it. It was warmed by the rays of the sun, smooth to the touch, flattened without any defects of any kind, lightly golden as the sand on the beach, was perfect in every way, to be tossed and to be skipped on the face of the lake. The morning was cool. Everyone still asleep from the jokes and stories that were shared at the bonfire late in the night. Marshmallows scattered all over the floor with graham cracker crumbs trailing around. I had been awakened by the distant crowing of the neighboring bird. Now, I stood in front of the lake with a pebble resting in my palm, placid waters , and no breeze to inspire the course of my throw. With one launch of my arm the pebble skipped on the water and quickly lost itself to the bottom of the lake. One skip was all that it offered. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT? Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but to stare at the ripples that grew. What had begun small grew enormous in size in comparison to the pebble that was tossed. I couldn’t help but to wonder, “How something so small effects in a very big way?”. If nature reveals this by a simple toss of a pebble, how much more could our actions ripple to something much greater than what we could have imagined? I sat down with my feet touching the water. I kicked it and saw the ripples spread and even touch at times one another as new ripples had formed. Then, a tearful thought had surfaced, “What or who was I touching with by the course of my actions?” My brother, sister, a friend at school that had betrayed me or a fellow believer at church that I barely had talked to, who was I touching and how was my touch effecting their lives? I had read some time ago, “that our life is only a breath, then it passes by”. As quickly as the pebble had disappeared into the face of the lake is as quickly as we would leave this earth and leave behind a ripple effect. Maybe not tomorrow or even in a year, but down the road what we have done WILL touch another life and that life’s ripple would be changed, forever. Forever, what an exaggeration we think, but the ripples DID change once another had touched it. If it happens in nature, then we better believe it WILL HAPPEN in life. I have been touched by some people and things and I cannot go back to the way that I was. That does not mean that the effects were always a positive influence, but they did effect my life for sure. Careful what you do or say and think, it may very well touch YOUR kid one day.

  18. Jay says:


    I was thinking in a season like this, my favorite holiday, what could I be most thankful for? As I began to look back at this year, all I could think about is- intimacy. A friendship that I once was very close to and have drifted away from, I have begun to get close to again. Family that I had already established a certain level of closeness to, have entered into a much deeper level of “intimacy”. We were never this close and now we are closer and stronger than ever. A newly wed, and I have to admit that sharing a roof with someone can be quite revealing. There are things you once could keep in a closet, in a room, under the bed, that you cannot keep hidden with someone you love. All your flaws, habits, mistakes, and imperfections get exposed. Once you were single and al-one, now you are united and ONE. All of you now comes together and knitted to form an orchestrated and harmonized song of differences that touch the lives of everyone as one voice and one song- a life song. Intimacy holds the threads together to keep the rope strong. And, together, anything is achievable. I love my family and my friends, dearly. I would not trade them for all the riches in the world.To my wife, I am still learning this love that I thought I knew, but am beginning to understand. This love to give it all just for you. I am far away from perfect. But if I have to cross the seven seas and face my greatest fears (heights) to see you smile and to show you that there is only one guy in this world wiling to lose himself for you, then bring on the tide and the heights, cause I have fallen in love with you, again and again. I love you and am beyond words on how thankful I am to have you in my life as my wife and friend. I thank God for intimacy and the fruits that it brings.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing Jay. The end of 2010 brought with it so many challenges. Quiet… silence… has filled much of my days. Your post today reminded me of the need to stop and think about all that is good, all that is pure, all that is praiseworthy. I believe I will begin working on my “Thanks-giving” list. Blessings and may God continue to reveal Himself as you go through this journey of marriage!

      • Jay says:

        “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” – JER. 29:11

  19. admin says:

    From the depths of my soul, I search for righteousness.

    Instead, running through the corridors of my heart, I am surrounded by the walls of sin that threaten to close me in.

    I seek righteousness, holiness, a place where purity shines forth like the morning light- Instead, I find darkness.

    Search me O’ Lord, open the doors to those small rooms which have been closed, locked, keys thrown away.

    Search me O’ Lord, for You desire truth in my inner most parts- In the places which nobody sees, those rooms whose doors display great big signs with bold letters saying, “DO NOT ENTER!”

    From the depths of my soul, I search for righteousness, for holiness, for purity…

    Instead, I find pride. I find selfishness. I find altars raised up to the idols of this world.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that you still love me, I’d run…. I’d run until I couldn’t run any further. I’d run from your holiness knowing that my sin could never look into the face of perfection.

    If it wasn’t for your mercy, I’d run… I’d run away from the light which exposes what’s in my darkness.

    If it wasn’t for your forgiveness, I’d run… Away from the One whose eyes show compassion.

    O’ Lord, search me, try me, and know my wicked ways.

    Forgive me, renew me and keep me.

    As for me, I will one day see Your face in righteousness, I will no longer feel the need to run-

    Because I will finally be satisfied when I awake in your likeness!

  20. Jay says:

    Beautiful poem.

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